Wednesday, February 17, 2010

really really little worlds

See this crack in the wall? Come closer.

A little bit closer.

What's that you can see? Could it be?

Its a teeny tiny world! How cool is that!

Okay, guess what this is. Give up? Its a bridge for insects!

And another one, because I couldn't resist.

My six year old son's teacher used these miniature and surprising art works from Stories from Space: A quiet revolution as the springboard for an afternoon of planning, creating, constructing, imagining, and experimenting in the great outdoors.

With the mission to create a small world for anything their hearts desired using only the natural materials they found and plasticene and string to hold things together, these 5 - 7 year olds were soon totally absorbed in hours of play and learning that covered maths, science, literacy (there were maps and plans involved too) and communication.

My son and his buddy built a drawbridge and a flying fox for ants across the pond. Can you imagine how much problem-solving and experimenting and imaginative thought went into how to build them and then how to actually make the drawbridge work?

When its time to get cracking on our fairy world I'm going to add these images to those I've collected of fairy gardens to share with the preschoolers. Who knows where it will take us.