Thursday, February 11, 2010

7 fun activities for children to do outdoors

Children are spending increasing amounts of time indoors.

It is an important part of our role as teachers - and parents - to give our children plenty of opportunities for outdoor play.

Here are some fun experiences to do with them when you get there!

1.  Take the easel outside    

Where better to get messy than on the grass? 

Move the easels or the craft table onto the lawn and enjoy the sunshine.

When it is time to pack up for the day, why not take a couple of buckets of soapy water and some sponges out and let the kids clean up the mess?  They will jump at the chance for some water play.

2.  Make an insect trap   

Using simple materials like plastic containers, tape and string. Click here for step by step instructions on making and constructing your insect trap, and ideas for what to do when you actually trap some insects.

3.  Play in puddles    

A puddle can become a sea, a creek, a dam or a swimming pool. My little guys used yoghurt containers, twigs, paper and tape that they resourced themselves:

Over at enviromom they used corks, bamboo skewers and yoghurt containers:

4.  Make a kite    

Here is a simple one from Nancy Blakey's website which is choc full of wonderful ideas. Our kids make even easier ones with just a piece of paper attached to a length of string.

5.  Make a straw glider    

These are so simple, and so effective that the kids love them: we had them flying all over the preschool for days at the end of last year! Find instructions and pictures at Irresistible ideas for play-based learning.

6.  Make a parachute    

Another one from Nancy Blakey's website - an easy parachute out of recycled plastic bags and string.

7.  Go for a sock walk   

I love this one! Check it out here.

Looking for more outdoor play inspiration?

Visit Play Outside! for over 500 outdoor play experiences sourced from the blogosphere all in one handy location.

(photo credit: Krissy.Venosdale via photopin cc)

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  1. This is a great collection of sites and ideas Jenny. Thanks.