Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gearing up for Fairy World at Preschool

I have been receiving signs that the time has come for a Fairy Garden at preschool in the manner of Teacher Tom's Little Worlds.

Sign 1:

Little Worlds have been popping up all over preschool:

Fairy Palaces in the block area.

Sign 2:

To extend the girl's interest in creating worlds we set out sand trays with an array of open-ended little bits and pieces to see what would happen.

As you can see, we use the high-end cardboard box version of a sand tray!

We provided a mix of natural materials and recycled resources from the craft table.

What happened was lots of creative and imaginative play.

Beds were made for the teeny tiny animals using fur scraps.

This is a resort for cats. The cats are all in the pool. 

The time has come to scale things up a bit. 

We've talked about creating a space for the fairies to live, and scouted for the perfect location.

We've gathered up some small logs and stumps as well as some tyres to serve as a border and staked out our land claim.

We've collected together an array of pots; a small bird bath; sparkly and shimmery fabric of different lengths; a selection of small china bowls with different designs; interesting lantern type thingies and baskets of natural materials such as bark, twigs, gumnuts and pine cones.

I'll let you know how it goes.

(This is how it went).


  1. I love reading your post!!

    Thanks for shared!!

  2. Beautiful! I'm totally inspired. Thank you for such great pictures and ideas. :)

  3. Looks exciting. I also found this site that makes pixie houses and other items for fairy gardens:
    Yes, an investment but they look magical :)

  4. You inspired me first Jenny! This looks like so much fun. Today, one of my girls found an object (I can't remember what it was) and said, "This would be good in Little World!" They're really making it their own right now.

    On Saturday, a gang of parents is meeting me at the school to install a new sand pit, get our new construction/tinkering area started and start organizing our garden. This was all inspired by you as well!

  5. I want to come play and build fairy houses with you!

  6. This is so lovely and inspiring. My children are beginning an interest in princesses, ballet, and makebelieve, we've created a box castle. danced with swimsuits on, and real ballet shoes, played with "little ponies", and now thanks so much for the ideas I will put out sand trays with some materials for the children to create and explore a"little worlds". Thanks!!!