Friday, January 29, 2010

playing outside with masking tape

We may never match Teacher Tom or the good folk at Leaves, Branches, Trunk and Roots for sheer volume of tape in one place, but I think we give them a pretty good run for their money in the distance tape travels!

Its only the second day back at preschool after the long summer holidays, and today alone 3 little boys used up 6 rolls of tape and as many spools of wool creating their spider web. For them, it was all about covering as much ground as possible.

They zig zagged in and out of fence posts.

They went up and back to the gazebo a couple of million times.

They went up and down hills and in and out of classrooms.

And then they started to decorate.

You really had to watch your step, let me tell you!

Playing Outside with Masking Tape Part 2


  1. oh, impressive!!!

    and imagine the tape ball that can be made when you take this down!

  2. Very impressive!

    We've never taken the tape outside, but sometimes the classroom gets to be a very challenging maze. When it gets unpassable, a team of scissor-wielding kids will hack their way through it.

  3. I love the image of scissor-wielding kids :)

  4. It's wonderful - thanks for sharing. If you can get an old 50m climbing rope - this provides endless activities too.

  5. Hmph. Ok - you may have raised the staked a little bit in the International tape off. Well done....but just you wait. Our tape ball and tape worms are growing....

  6. Haha - you are creating Tape Monsters - I love it. I love the maze of tape that was created.

  7. Juliet: great idea about the rope. We have a few shorter ropes but think they would go ape over a longer one.

    Deborah: the sad thing is that as soon as they started taping up the place all I could think of was that I had to grab my camera so I could post for the tape off :)

    AHS: don't worry, we are almost out of tape!