Monday, January 18, 2010

Reverse Garbage

We all know that teachers are shameless scavengers and bag ladies.

No interesting packaging, wrapping paper or egg carton is safe around us. We may well have been the original recyclers.
Yesterday I was excited (and sadly so, according to my husband) to visit Reverse Garbage - Sydney's mecca for scavenging teachers seeking interesting bits and bobs to reuse in a preschool classroom.

Reverse Garbage is a non-profit organisation that makes available industrial and commercial discards, off-cuts and overruns to creative and practical people, reducing the amount of waste going to landfill and causing the pulse rate of over excited preschool teachers to rise.

Feast your eyes on some of what was on offer last week:

You pick up a large hessian sack at the front door, and then wander around in recycled art, craft and construction nirvana filling it up to your hearts content.

I scored CD's (to make mobiles like this one); folders, diaries and personal organisers for the writing corner; shredded foil; loads of interesting containers; handfuls of fake flowers and fruit; paper tubes in different sizes - and all for (wait for it).....$8!

If you live in Sydney, it is well worth a visit.


  1. I love scavenging. We have a place in Seattle called Creation Station that does more or less the same thing. They even offer classes on how to use their junk.

    Reusing it much better than even recycling!

  2. I just googled the Creation Station and they are very similar - if anyone had told me I'd get so much joy from junk I would have thought them mad :)