Monday, February 1, 2010

preschool nature collections and displays

Children are natural collectors.

They also find nature endlessly fascinating and oh-so-collectable.

How can you help them collect their treasures?  And then what do you do with them when you get home?

Here is a simple idea from Coastal Girl:

What can you do with all of those really special little treasures?

Box them up

Children love discovering what is inside little drawers almost as much as they love collecting, so a beautifully made nature box from World Discovery Box would be sure to be a winner.

world discover box
If your budget doesn't stretch that far there are often storage boxes with drawers to be found at $2 shops. Or how about the many different compartments in a tool box, sewing box or fishing tackle box?

Here is a lovely example of a home decorated nature box from the Nature for Kids blog:

nature box via nature with kids

nature box via nature with kids

Hang them up

Place your treasures in a hanging shoe organiser, cheaply purchased at many dollar shops.

Lay them out

Designate any flat surface as a nature table or shelf to display the treasures.

preschool nature display table

Fill them up

An interesting looking glass or plastic vase or container is perfect for filling with interesting stones, shells, nuts or seeds in a relatively small space. An arrangement of different sized containers would make a really effective display.

Happy collecting!

For more ideas on nature tables, head on over to my Pinterest board.

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