Sunday, January 10, 2010


What child doesn't like to build cubbies? Or to enjoy inimate places to play in and explore?

A cubby doesn't need to be a permanent structure, or professionally built. A cubby can be built using found or recycled materials around the preschool. The hands-on experience of making the cubby themselves is an incredibly rich learning experience for young children.

This cubby was built out of sticks by the older kids at the school, and it is a favorite place for our preschoolers to visit. They like to help by adding to the structure, or using it as a secret base.

Big boxes never let us down! Here the kids have joined two boxes together with tape (much, much tape) and painted the sides. Would you like to peek inside?

They decorated the walls with their own drawings! I love this job!

There is an Australian group called the Eco-Cubby. project which provides the opportunity for students to work with their teachers and community representatives in the design and building of a cubby house embracing concepts of sustainable living – function, materials, shelter, enclosure, and resources.

Check out the incredible work they did with three year olds at the Melbourne University Early Learning Centre, where the children have been involved in each and every step of the process.

They had a mud-brick making day.

The children helped to create the design of the cubby.

They made a floor plan of the cubby on their site using recycled milk cartons.

So much more beneficial than buying a ready-made cubby house, don't you think?


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  4. It’s really great.Small children’ shows their interest to make cubbies .It’s really great fun and enjoyment for them and they learned lot of things.